About me

Hi there,

rsz_rickvanrousseltI’m Rick and I am a SharePoint / Office 365 consultant living in Belgium. I’ve been working with SharePoint since 2007 and recently I’ve made the transition to Office 365. My main focus is development but as you all know… working with SharePoint requires you to know a little bit from everything.

I have started my own company called Rivaro Consultancy in 2014. This allowed me to shift my focus to Office 365. This pushed me to become a versatile expert in both SharePoint, Office 365 and all related technologies. My inquisitive disposition encourages me to continuously gain knowledge and share
insights with everyone that shares the same interests.

I’m currently working at Advantive where I am responsible for promoting the use of Office 365, SharePoint and Azure. This allows me to do talks all over the world which I love to do.