Microsoft Tech Summit Amsterdam

The last 2 days I’ve been involved with the Microsoft Tech Summit which is a free event from Microsoft held in cities across the world. The one I attended took place in the RAI in Amsterdam. The event is quite big as there where more than 3000 attendees. The first day of the event they where 2 keynotes. One about Azure and one about Microsoft 365. I really liked the one about Microsoft 365 which was brought by Lori Wright. She’s a GM for Teams and Skype @Microsoft. After lunch I did a session on SharePoint Development in the Enterprise. It was a fun session and I had more than 200 people in the room. Of course looking at the feedback I got for such a big and diverse crowd you cannot please everybody. For some the session was to technical for others not technical enough. The second day there where 2 workshops planned where I helped out the attendees who followed the workshop. The first one was about Microsoft 365 security. Which is actually a topic which I don’t follow that much. So helping the attendees actually helped me also. The latest updates in this space are actually quite cool. And you can really see why Office 365 is getting all the security certifications nowadays because there is so much security build in and available that if you configure it right you and your company should be protected against most threats. The second workshop was about Microsoft Teams. As this topic is more close to my hearth this was actually a really fun workshop. You can really see the void that Microsoft Teams is filling up in the Office 365 space. People are really happy with the Agile development of Teams and the rapid release cycle that the product group is following. I can only recommend that if you have time next year to come to these kind’s of events as the latest and greatest news on Office 365 and Azure are shared here. Or if you have specific questions then there is always somebody from Microsoft or an MVP that available to answer them.