SharePoint Saturday Belgium recap

SharePoint Saturday Belgium recap

Last Saturday the Belgian version of SharePoint Saturday was held in Brussels.


Well I have to warn you. Since I am from Belgium this post might be a bit bias about this event.

SPSBE was in one word: Great

The event was well organized by the whole BIWUG crew and they picked a super cool location this year. It was held in the Diamond Conference Centre and the first thing that struck me was how big it was. SharePoint Saturday Belgium is not a small get-together any more. It’s turning into quite a big event. As you can see from the pictures there were tons of people. I think the attendance was around 250 people which is quite big for such a small country. Must be quite some work to get all this organized. And I am grateful that I got to present a session there. I was also pleased to see that there where not only people from Belgium who attended but also some people who had to travel quite some distance. And this for a Saturday that people are of work. There where also quite some 3th party sponsors which is quite interesting because traditionally there where only Belgian consultancy firms sponsoring this event. It’s a good thing that these big companies also take an interest in our small community. I found it quite a busy day since I know so many attendees and talked to a lot of them. I only got to go to one session. This was Stéphane Eyskens his session. It was about Azure Active Directory for developers. This session went lightning fast but a much needed topic for developers since everything starts with Active Directory. So a basic understanding is required if you want to build apps. Below are some pictures I took from the event. If you want to see more check out the BIWUG Facebook page. I updated my session about the Azure Container Service with a new demo. I now monitor a queue and use rest calls to scale my containers according to the size of the queue. Personally I love this demo because it shows one of the benefits of containers. But because the container producing items in my queue is as fast as my container processing them… It gets kind of boring. So I’d better change this for next time. You can find my slides below the pictures and of course also a screenshot of the most funny descriptions the Microsoft Cognitive Services gave about people tweeting about #SPSBE